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Locomotor-Reducing Effects and Structural Characteristics of Inhaled Zerumbone and Tetrahydrozerumbone Derivatives
  Ogawa, Kakuyou, Miyoshi, Takashi, Kitayama, Takashi, Ito, Michiho (2014-09)
  Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 37(9): 1559-1563
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Isolation and Characterization of Isopiperitenol Dehydrogenase from Piperitenone-Type Perilla
  Sato-Masumoto, Naoko, Ito, Michiho (2014-05-01)
  Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 37(5): 847-852
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Two types of alcohol dehydrogenase from Perilla can form citral and perillaldehyde
  Sato-Masumoto, Naoko, Ito, Michiho (2014-08)
  Phytochemistry, 104: 12-20
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A domain swapping approach to elucidate differential regiospecific hydroxylation by geraniol and linalool synthases from perilla
  Sato-Masumoto, Naoko, Ito, Michiho (2014-06)
  Phytochemistry, 102: 46-54
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Inhalation Administration of Valerena-4,7(11)-diene from Nardostachys chinensis Roots Ameliorates Restraint Stress-Induced Changes in Murine Behavior and Stress-Related Factors
  Takemoto, Hiroaki, Omameuda, Yuka, Ito, Michiho, Fukuda, Tatsuo, Kaneko, Shuji, Akaike, Akinori, Kobayashi, Yoshinori (2014-06)
  Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 37(6): 1050-1055
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