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Quantitative Estimation of Strong Winds in an Urban District during Typhoon Jebi (2018) by Merging Mesoscale Meteorological and Large-Eddy Simulations
  Takemi, Tetsuya, Yoshida, Toshiya, Yamasaki, Shota, Hase, Kentaro (2019)
  SOLA, 15: 22-27
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Dynamical downscaling of Typhoon Lionrock (2016) for assessing the resulting hazards under global warming
  Nayak, Sridhara, Takemi, Tetsuya (2019)
  Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, 97(1): 69-88
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Estimate of the contraction rate of central Japan through the deformation of the Philippine Sea slab
  Fukahata, Yukitoshi (2019-01-15)
  Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 6
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Outer Trench Slope Flexure and Faulting at Pacific Basin Subduction Zones
  Garcia, Emmanuel Soliman M, Sandwell, David T, Bassett, Dan (2019-07)
  Geophysical Journal International, 218(1): 708-728
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High-resolution wave climate hindcast around Japan and its spectral representation
  Shimura, Tomoya, Mori, Nobuhito (2019-09)
  Coastal Engineering, 151: 1-9
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Dependence of extreme precipitable water events on temperature
  Nayak, Sridhara, Takemi, Tetsuya (2019)
  Atmósfera, 32(2): 159-165
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Reply to comment by Kong et al. on “Appropriate Boundary Condition for Dupuit-Boussinesq Theory on the Steady Groundwater Flow in an Unconfined Sloping Aquifer With Uniform Recharge”
  Wu, Ying-Hsin, Sayama, Takahiro, Nakakita, Eiichi (2019-04)
  Water Resources Research, 55(4): 3597-3598
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Shallow magma pre-charge during repeated Plinian eruptions at Sakurajima volcano
  Araya, Naoki, Nakamura, Michihiko, Yasuda, Atsushi, Okumura, Satoshi, Sato, Tomoki, Iguchi, Masato, Miki, Daisuke, Geshi, Nobuo (2019-02-13)
  Scientific Reports, 9
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Damage sequence and safety margin assessment of expansion joints by shake table testing
  Otsuki, Yu, Kurata, Masahiro, Skalomenos, Konstantinos A., Ikeda, Yoshiki (2019-1)
  Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 48(1): 3-26
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Fragility Function Development and Seismic Loss Assessment of Expansion Joints
  Otsuki, Yu, Kurata, Masahiro, Skalomenos, Konstantinos, Ikeda, Yoshiki, Akazawa, Motoki (2019-07-25)
  Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics, 48(9): 1007-1029