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Title: Annual Report of User's Meeting on ”Condensed-matter Chemistry in Actinides and their Applications” and ”Production of Medical RIs by Reactor Irradiation”
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2023
Publisher: CCA, KURNS, Kyoto University
Start page: 1
End page: 123
Table of contents: Chapter 1 Program [1]
Chapter 2 Presentation Materials [5]
2.1 T. Yamamura(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Combined Research Institute, joint use of the relevant fields, facilities and future plans [7]
2.2 H. Yamagami(Kyoto Sangyo Univ.), Goals of Specialized Research Groups [9]
2.3 Y. Haga(ASRC, JAEA), Single crystal growth and electronic structure of uranium compound superconductor UTe₂ [11]
2.4 M. Nakase(Tokyo Inst. Tech.), On a New Approach to Exploration of Novel Solvent Extraction Systems for Minor Actinide Extraction for Next Generation Reprocessing [16]
2.5 A. Ishii(Teikyo Univ. of Science), New optical functions opened up by rare- earth hybrid materials [20]
2.6 M. Nogami(Kindai Univ.), Complexation behavior of actinyl ion- coordinating monoamide compounds with FP ions [27]
2.7 K. Shirasaki(IMR, Tohoku Univ.), Ac-228 solvent extraction by DGA [31]
2.8 T. Kobayashi(SPring-8, JAEA), Achievements in the facility utilization of the Combined Research Laboratory and the current status with the SPring-8 JAEA Harima Lab [37]
2.9 Y. Kasamatsu(Osaka Univ.), Recent chemical researches on nobelium [41]
2.10 T. Yoshimura(IRS, Osaka Univ.), Introduction to Institute for Radiation Sciences, Osaka University [46]
2.11 Y. Sakurai(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Report on Survey of Hot Labs and RI Studies in the U.S. (1) [48]
2.12 H. Yoshinaga(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Report on Survey of Hot Labs and RI Studies in the U.S. (2) [53]
2.13 T. Yamamura(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Discussions on facilities [54]
2.14 M. Nakase(Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Opening of 2nd-day Discussions [60]
2.15 Greg Piefer(SHINE Technologies, Inc.), Plan and prospect of SHINE Technology [61]
2.16 Laetitia H. Delmau(Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Overview of the Cf-252 and Pm-147 Production Efforts at ORNL [62]
2.17 Rob Hall(MURR, Missouri University), Recent activities, systems, and facilities of MURR for radiophermaceutical R&D [68]
2.18 Toro Gonzalez(Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Lanthanide-based and Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticles in Targeted Alpha Therapy [74]
2.19 Julie G. Ezold(Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Radiochemical Processing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory [79]
2.20 K. Ishida(Kyoto Univ.), Nuclear magnetic resonance in uranium compound superconductors [84]
2.21 H. Shishido(Tohoku Univ.), First-principles calculations for CALPHAD calculations of minor actinide fuels [89]
2.22 M. Abe(Hiroshima Univ.), Development of relativistic electron correlation program for calculation of actinide compounds [94]
2.23 H. Kimura(Kyoto Pharmaceutical Univ.), Tumor-targeted radio-ceranostics drug discovery and clinical application [100]
2.24 M. Suzuki(KURNS, Kyoto Univ.), Quantum Beam Bio-Systems Analysis and Application Unit [104]
2.25 T. Suzuki(Nagaoka Univ. Tech.), Dissolution of Thorium Oxide and Separation of Radium [109]
Chapter 3 Y. Haga(ASRC, JAEA), Concluding Remarks [112]
Chapter 4 Summary of Discussion [116]
Chapter 5 List of Participants [117]
Chapter 6 Photos of the workshop [119]
Description: “Condensed-matter Chemistry in Actinides and their Applications” and “Production of medical RIs by Reactor Irradiation”; Location: Main Conference Room, Office Building, KURNS, Kyoto University. (Hybrid); Date: Mar. 2, 2023 - Mar. 3, 2023
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