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The detrimental effect of semantic similarity in short-term memory tasks: A meta-regression approach
  Ishiguro, Sho; Saito, Satoru (2021-04)
  Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 28(2): 384-408
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Position-element frequency learning is dissociable from Hebb repetition learning
  Nakayama, Masataka; Saito, Satoru (2017-06)
  Journal of Memory and Language, 94: 235-253
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Contribution of executive functions to learning sequential actions in young children
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Saito, Satoru (2021-07)
  Child Development, 92(4): e581-e598
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The effects of Hebb repetition learning and temporal grouping in immediate serial recall of spatial location
  Sukegawa, Momoe; Ueda, Yoshiyuki; Saito, Satoru (2019-05)
  Memory & Cognition, 47(4): 643-657
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Homophone advantage in sentence acceptability judgment: An experiment with Japanese kanji words and articulatory suppression technique
  Morita, Aiko; Saito, Satoru (2019-04)
  Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 48(2): 501-518
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Joint cognition and the role of human agency in random number choices
  Maehara, Yukio; Saito, Satoru; Towse, John N. (2019-04-04)
  Psychological Research, 83(3): 574-589
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When remembering the past suppresses memory for future actions
  Utsumi, Kenta; Saito, Satoru (2016)
  Memory, 24(4): 437-443
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The interaction between temporal grouping and phonotactic chunking in short-term serial order memory for novel verbal sequences
  Tanida, Yuki; Nakayama, Masataka; Saito, Satoru (2019)
  Memory, 27(4): 507-518
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The influences of working memory representations on long-range regression in text reading: An eye-tracking study
  Tanaka, Teppei; Sugimoto, Masashi; Tanida, Yuki; Saito, Satoru (2014-09-29)
  Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8
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Working Memory and Education : Recent Advances in Cognitive Psychology
  Saito, Satoru (2014)
  The Annual Report of Educational Psychology in Japan, 53: 120-132
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