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ニューメラシーがリスク情報提供後の不安変化に及ぼす影響 --食品中の放射性物質と首都直下型地震を題材として--
  伊川, 美保; 楠見, 孝 (2018-09-25)
  日本リスク研究学会誌, 28(1): 23-30
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Recalling visual serial order for verbal sequences
  Logie, Robert H.; Saito, Satoru; Morita, Aiko; Varma, Samarth; Norris, Dennis (2015-12-24)
  Memory and Cognition, 44(4): 590-607
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The neural network for tool-related cognition: An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of 70 neuroimaging contrasts
  Ishibashi, Ryo; Pobric, Gorana; Saito, Satoru; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A. (2016)
  Cognitive Neuropsychology, 33(3-4): 241-256
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Developing control over the execution of scripts: The role of maintained hierarchical goal representations
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Saito, Satoru (2017-11)
  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 163: 87-106
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Mirrors Have a Modest Effect on Human Impulsivity
  Shinohara, Asami; Yamamoto, Shinya (2016-06-18)
  Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, 7(1): 25-28
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  VAN STEENPAAL, Niels (2017-10)
  日本の教育史学, 60: 121-123
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  平山, るみ; 楠見, 孝 (2017)
  日本教育工学会論文誌, 41(Suppl.): 205-208
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  興梠, 盛剛; 松田, 憲; 楠見, 孝 (2017)
  日本感性工学会論文誌, 16(1): 137-145
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The norm-dependent effect of watching eyes on donation
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2017-09)
  Evolution and Human Behavior, 38(5): 659-666
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裁判員参加意向を規定する要因および意思決定プロセスの差異 : 制度施行前後の比較
  上市, 秀雄; 楠見, 孝 (2015-09)
  認知科学, 22(3): 326-340
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