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The norm-dependent effect of watching eyes on donation
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2017-09)
  Evolution and Human Behavior, 38(5): 659-666
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Effects of Cost and Benefit of Prosocial Behavior on Reputation
  Kawamura, Yuta; Ohtsubo, Yohsuke; Kusumi, Takashi (2021-05-01)
  Social Psychological and Personality Science, 12(4): 452-460
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Relationships between two types of reputational concern and altruistic behavior in daily life
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2018-01-15)
  Personality and Individual Differences, 121: 19-24
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Altruism does not always lead to a good reputation: A normative explanation
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2020-09)
  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 90
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The relationship between rejection avoidance and altruism is moderated by social norms
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2018-07-15)
  Personality and Individual Differences, 129: 24-27
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Selfishness is attributed to men who help young women: Signaling function of male altruism
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2017)
  Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, 8(2): 45-48
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