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Number of shared topic-vehicle significant features affects speakers’ preference for metaphorical expressions
  Oka, Ryunosuke; Kusumi, Takashi (2021-01-23)
  Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 33(2): 152-171
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Examining the Relationship between Preference for Solitude and Subjective Well-Being Among Japanese Older Adults
  Toyoshima, Aya; Kusumi, Takashi (2022)
  Innovation in Aging, 6(1)
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  小谷, 恵; 楠見, 孝 (2021-03-18)
  Journal of Health Psychology Research, 33(Special): 163-171
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Effects of Cost and Benefit of Prosocial Behavior on Reputation
  Kawamura, Yuta; Ohtsubo, Yohsuke; Kusumi, Takashi (2021-05-01)
  Social Psychological and Personality Science, 12(4): 452-460
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地理的プロファイリング支援ソフトウェアの開発-被疑者拠点空間分析システム SAMON -
  倉石, 宏樹; 萩野谷, 俊平; 小林, 一生; 楠見, 孝 (2020)
  GIS -理論と応用, 28(1): 39-48
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Altruism does not always lead to a good reputation: A normative explanation
  Kawamura, Yuta; Kusumi, Takashi (2020-09)
  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 90
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The Japanese empathy questionnaire (EmQue) for preschool children: Psychometric properties and measurement invariance across gender
  Takamatsu, Reina; Tsou, Yung-Ting; Kusumi, Takashi; Rieffe, Carolien (2021-09)
  International Journal of Behavioral Development, 45(5): 453-462
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  楠見, 孝 (2021)
  心理学評論, 64(1): 1-4
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なつかしさの認知-感情的基盤と機能 --個人差と年齢変化--
  楠見, 孝 (2021)
  心理学評論, 64(1): 5-28
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Role of Affect and Risk–Benefit Perception on Reckless Betting: Prior Wins and Losses Both Lead to Risky Bets
  Taoka, Daiki; Kusumi, Takashi (2022-09)
  Journal of Gambling Studies, 38(3): 863-887
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