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Goal Attribution toward Non-Human Objects during Infancy Predicts Imaginary Companion Status during Preschool Years
  Moriguchi, Yusuke; Kanakogi, Yasuhiro; Todo, Naoya; Okumura, Yuko; Shinohara, Ikuko; Itakura, Shoji (2016-02-23)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 7
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Cognitive flexibility in 12-month-old preterm and term infants is associated with neurobehavioural development in 18-month-olds
  Shinya, Yuta; Kawai, Masahiko; Niwa, Fusako; Kanakogi, Yasuhiro; Imafuku, Masahiro; Myowa, Masako (2022)
  Scientific Reports, 12
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Imaginary agents exist perceptually for children but not for adults
  Moriguchi, Yusuke; Kanakogi, Yasuhiro; Okumura, Yuko; Shinohara, Ikuko; Itakura, Shoji; Shimojo, Shinsuke (2019)
  Palgrave Communications, 5
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The integration of audio−tactile information is modulated by multimodal social interaction with physical contact in infancy
  Tanaka, Yukari; Kanakogi, Yasuhiro; Kawasaki, Masahiro; Myowa, Masako (2018-04)
  Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 30: 31-40
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Rudimentary Sympathy in Preverbal Infants: Preference for Others in Distress
  Kanakogi, Yasuhiro; Okumura, Yuko; Inoue, Yasuyuki; Kitazaki, Michiteru; Itakura, Shoji (2013-06-12)
  PLOS ONE, 8(6)
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Building a responsive teacher: How temporal contingency of gaze interaction influences word learning with virtual tutors
  Lee, Hanju; Kanakogi, Yasuhiro; Hiraki, Kazuo (2015-01-14)
  Royal Society Open Science, 2
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