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Developing control over the execution of scripts: The role of maintained hierarchical goal representations
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Saito, Satoru (2017-11)
  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 163: 87-106
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Repeated sequential action by young children: Developmental changes in representational flexibility of task context
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Saito, Satoru (2019-04)
  Developmental Psychology, 55(4): 780-792
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Determining the developmental requirements for Hebb repetition learning in young children: Grouping, short-term memory, and their interaction
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Nakayama, Masataka; Jarrold, Christopher; Saito, Satoru (2019-04)
  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 45(4): 573-590
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Contribution of executive functions to learning sequential actions in young children
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Saito, Satoru (2021-07)
  Child Development, 92(4): e581-e598
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Group influences on children’s delay of gratification: Testing the roles of culture and personal connections
  Munakata, Yuko; Yanaoka, Kaichi; Doebel, Sabine; Guild, M. Ryan; Michaelson, E. Laura; Saito, Satoru (2020-01-08)
  Collabra: Psychology, 6(1)
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The development of learning, performing, and controlling repeated sequential actions in young children
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Saito, Satoru (2022-04)
  Topics in Cognitive Science, 14(2): 241-257
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Cultures Crossing: The Power of Habit in Delaying Gratification
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; Michaelson, Laura E.; Guild, Ryan Mori; Dostart, Grace; Yonehiro, Jade; Saito, Satoru; Munakata, Yuko (2022-07)
  Psychological Science, 33(7): 1172-1181
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Prior task experience increases five-year-old children’s use of proactive control: Behavioral and pupillometric evidence
  Yanaoka, Kaichi; van't Wout, Félice; Saito, Satoru; Jarrold, Christopher (2022-09)
  Developmental Science, 25(5)
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