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Statistical Timing Modeling Based on a Lognormal Distribution Model for Near-Threshold Circuit Optimization
  SHIOMI, Jun, ISHIHARA, Tohru, ONODERA, Hidetoshi (2015-07-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, E98.A(7): 1455-1466
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A query efficient non-adaptive long code test with perfect completeness
  Tamaki, Suguru, Yoshida, Yuichi (2015-09)
  Random Structures & Algorithms, 47(2): 386-406
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A Model-Free Approach for Maximizing Power Production of Wind Farm Using Multi-Resolution Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation
  Ahmad, Mohd, Azuma, Shun-ichi, Sugie, Toshiharu (2014-08-27)
  Energies, 7(9): 5624-5646
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Optimizing FIR approximation for discrete-time IIR filters
  Yamamoto, Yutaka, Anderson, Brian D. O., Nagahara, Masaaki, Koyanagi, Yoko (2003-09)
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Hierarchical Neural Representation of Dreamed Objects Revealed by Brain Decoding with Deep Neural Network Features
  Horikawa, Tomoyasu, Kamitani, Yukiyasu (2017-01-31)
  Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 11
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Probabilistic Dynamic Framed Slotted ALOHA for RFID Tag Identification
  Nguyen, Chuyen T., Hayashi, Kazunori, Kaneko, Megumi, Popovski, Petar, Sakai, Hideaki (2013-08)
  Wireless Personal Communications, 71(4): 2947-2963
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Multiparty Interaction Understanding Using Smart Multimodal Digital Signage
  Tung, Tony, Gomez, Randy, Kawahara, Tatsuya, Matsuyama, Takashi (2014-10)
  IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 44(5): 625-637
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A Recursive Elimination Method for Finite-Horizon Optimal Control Problems of Discrete-Time Rational Systems
  Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki (2014-11)
  IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 59(11): 3081-3086
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Adaptive Baseline Enhances EM-Based Policy Search: Validation in a View-Based Positioning Task of a Smartphone Balancer
  Wang, Jiexin, Uchibe, Eiji, Doya, Kenji (2017-01-23)
  Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 11
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  永原, 正章 (2013)
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