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Delayed feedback control and phase reduction of unstable quasi-periodic orbits
  Ichinose, Natsuhiro, Komuro, Motomasa (2014-09)
  Chaos, 24(3)
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Optimal wavelet expansion via sampled-data control theory
  Kashima, Kenji, Yamamoto, Yutaka, Nagahara, Masaaki (2004-02)
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  笹原, 帆平, 永原, 正章, 林, 和則, 山本, 裕 (2014-09)
  電子情報通信学会ソサイエィ大会講演論文集, 2014
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SNS user classification and its application to obscure POI discovery
  Zhuang, Chenyi, Ma, Qiang, Yoshikawa, Masatoshi (2017-02)
  Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76(4): 5461-5487
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Increased BOLD Signals Elicited by High Gamma Auditory Stimulation of the Left Auditory Cortex in Acute State Schizophrenia
  Kuga, Hironori, Onitsuka, Toshiaki, Hirano, Yoji, Nakamura, Itta, Oribe, Naoya, Mizuhara, Hiroaki, Kanai, Ryota, Kanba, Shigenobu, Ueno, Takefumi (2016-10)
  EBioMedicine, 12: 143-149
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Quantitative Decomposition of Dynamics of Mathematical Cell Models: Method and Application to Ventricular Myocyte Models
  Shimayoshi, Takao, Cha, Chae Young, Amano, Akira (2015-06-19)
  PLOS ONE, 10(6)
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Mathematical understanding of detailed balance condition violation and its application to Langevin dynamics
  Ohzeki, Masayuki, Ichiki, Akihisa (2015-09-03)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 638
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Stochastic gradient method with accelerated stochastic dynamics
  Ohzeki, Masayuki (2016-03)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 699
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Extended duality relations between birth–death processes and partial differential equations
  Ohkubo, Jun (2013-09-02)
  Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 46(37)
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Lie Algebraic Discussions for Time-Inhomogeneous Linear Birth–Death Processes with Immigration
  Ohkubo, Jun (2014-10)
  Journal of Statistical Physics, 157(2): 380-391
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