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A Support System to Accumulate Interpretations of Multiple Story Timelines
  Ohmoto, Yoshimasa, Ookaki, Takashi, Nishida, Toyoaki (2016)
  Procedia Computer Science, 96: 607-616
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Karlin–McGregor-like formula in a simple time-inhomogeneous birth–death process
  Ohkubo, Jun (2014-09-18)
  Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 47(40)
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Probabilistic evaluation of interconnectable capacity for wind power generation
  Kashima, Kenji, Kato, Masakazu, Imura, Jun-ichi, Aihara, Kazuyuki (2014-09-26)
  The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 223(12): 2493-2501
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A Comprehensive Survey of Potential Game Approaches to Wireless Networks
  YAMAMOTO, Koji (2015-09-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E98.B(9): 1804-1823
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Universal jump in the helicity modulus of the two-dimensional quantum XY model
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (1997-05-01)
  Physical Review B, 55(18)
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Classical correlation-length exponent in the nonuniversal quantum phase transition of a diluted Heisenberg antiferromagnet
  Yasuda, C., Todo, S., Harada, K., Kawashima, N., Miyashita, S., Takayama, H. (2001-03-23)
  Physical Review B, 63(14)
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Quantum Phase Transition of Two-Dimensional Diluted Heisenberg Antiferromagnet
  Todo, Synge, Yasuda, Chitoshi, Kato, Kiyoshi, Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Maoki, Miyashita, Seiji, Takayama, Hajime (2000-01-01)
  Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, 138: 507-512
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Quadrupolar Order in the Quantum XY Model with Cubic Anisotropy
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (2002-01-01)
  Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, 145: 194-199
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Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of S=1/2 Heisenberg model with four spin interaction
  Tsukamoto, M., Harada, K., Kawashima, N. (2009)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 150(Part 4)
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An Iterative MIMO Receiver Employing Virtual Channels with a Turbo Decoder for OFDM Wireless Systems
  TAYA, Akihito, DENNO, Satoshi, YAMAMOTO, Koji, MORIKURA, Masahiro, UMEHARA, Daisuke, MURATA, Hidekazu, YOSHIDA, Susumu (2015-05-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Communications, E98.B(5): 878-889
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