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Universal jump in the helicity modulus of the two-dimensional quantum XY model
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (1997-05-01)
  Physical Review B, 55(18)
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Quadrupolar Order in the Quantum XY Model with Cubic Anisotropy
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (2002-01-01)
  Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, 145: 194-199
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Possibility of Deconfined Criticality in SU(N) Heisenberg Models at Small N
  Harada, Kenji, Suzuki, Takafumi, Okubo, Tsuyoshi, Matsuo, Haruhiko, Lou, Jie, Watanabe, Hiroshi, Todo, Synge, Kawashima, Naoki (2013-12-13)
  Physical Review B, 88(22)
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Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for softcore boson systems
  Šmakov, Jurij, Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (2003-10-21)
  Physical Review E, 68(4)
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SU(N)Heisenberg model with multicolumn representations
  Okubo, Tsuyoshi, Harada, Kenji, Lou, Jie, Kawashima, Naoki (2015-10-05)
  Physical Review B, 92(13)
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Parallelized Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithm with Nonlocal Worm Updates
  Masaki-Kato, Akiko, Suzuki, Takafumi, Harada, Kenji, Todo, Synge, Kawashima, Naoki (2014-04-10)
  Physical Review Letters, 112(14)
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Néel and Spin-Peierls Ground States of Two-Dimensional SU(N) Quantum Antiferromagnets
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki, Troyer, Matthias (2003-03-21)
  Physical Review Letters, 90(11)
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Coarse-grained loop algorithms for Monte Carlo simulation of quantum spin systems
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (2002-11-26)
  Physical Review E, 66(5)
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Thermal phase transition of generalized Heisenberg models for SU(N) spins on square and honeycomb lattices
  Suzuki, Takafumi, Harada, Kenji, Matsuo, Haruhiko, Todo, Synge, Kawashima, Naoki (2015-03-16)
  Physical Review B, 91(9)
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Quadrupolar order in isotropic Heisenberg models with biquadratic interaction
  Harada, Kenji, Kawashima, Naoki (2002-01-03)
  Physical Review B, 65(5)
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