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Kinetic Theory of a Dilute Gas System under Steady Heat Conduction
  Kim, Hyeon-Deuk, Hayakawa, Hisao (2003-08)
  Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 72(8): 1904-1916
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Test of Information Theory on the Boltzmann Equation
  Kim, Hyeon-Deuk, Hayakawa, Hisao (2003-10)
  Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 72(10): 2473-2476
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Palladium-catalysed arylative cyclisation of N-allylacetamides with aryl halides yielding benzyl-substituted oxazolines
  Fujino, Daishi, Hayashi, Sayuri, Yorimitsu, Hideki, Oshima, Koichiro (2009)
  Chemical Communications, 2009(38): 5754-5756
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Interseismic pore compaction suppresses earthquake occurrence and causes faster apparent fault loading
  Mitsui, Yuta, Hirahara, Kazuro (2009)
  Geophysical Research Letters, 36(20)
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Plastic bottle oscillator: Rhythmicity and mode bifurcation of fluid flow
  Kohira, Masahiro I., Magome, Nobuyuki, Kitahata, Hiroyuki, Yoshikawa, Kenichi (2007-10)
  American Journal of Physics, 75(10): 893-895
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大学間連携プロジェクト「超高層大気長期変動の全球地上ネットワーク観測・研究」 - メタデータ・データベースの開発 - (第33回極域宙空圏シンポジウム)
  林, 寛生, 堀, 智昭, 小山, 幸伸, 吉田, 大紀, 河野, 貴久, 三好, 由純, 上野, 悟, 金田, 直樹, 阿部, 修司, 鍵谷, 将人, 田中, 良昌, 岡田, 雅樹 (2009-11-13)
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Statistical Properties of Inelastic Lorentz Gas
  Kim, Hyeon-Deuk, Hayakawa, Hisao (2001-07)
  Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 70(7): 1954-1965
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Pleiotrophic functions of Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen-1 (EBNA-1) and oriP differentially contribute to the efficiency of transfection/expression of exogenous gene in mammalian cells
  Kishida, Tsunao, Asada, Hidetsugu, Kubo, Koji, Sato, Yuko T., Shin-Ya, Masaharu, Imanishi, Jiro, Yoshikawa, Kenichi, Mazda, Osam (2008-01)
  Journal of Biotechnology, 133(2): 201-207
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Coseismic thermal pressurization can notably prolong earthquake recurrence intervals on weak rate and state friction faults: Numerical experiments using different constitutive equations
  Mitsui, Yuta, Hirahara, Kazuro (2009)
  Journal of Geophysical Research, 114(B9)
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Symmetric band structures and asymmetric ultrafast electron and hole relaxations in silicon and germanium quantum dots: time-domain ab initio simulation
  Kim, Hyeon-Deuk, Madrid, Angeline B, Prezhdo, Oleg V (2009-12-07)
  Dalton transactions, 45: 10069-10077
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