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Density-matrix theory of quantum dynamics under a strong external field switched on nonadiabatically
  Kitamura, Hikaru (2014-06-11)
  International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 114(22): 1518-1527
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Notes on simulating two-dimensional Raman and terahertz-Raman signals with a full molecular dynamics simulation approach
  Ito, Hironobu, Jo, Ju-Yeon, Tanimura, Yoshitaka (2015-10-06)
  Structural Dynamics, 2(5)
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Genetic pathways for differentiation of the peripheral nervous system in ascidians
  Waki, Kana, Imai, Kaoru S, Satou, Yutaka (2015-10-30)
  Nature communications, 6
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  高野, 裕樹, 星野, 和夫, 大倉, 哲也, 松尾, 敏生, 渡辺, 勝敏 (2016-04-25)
  魚類学雑誌 = Japanese journal of ichthyology, 63(1): 11-17
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Upper critical field reaches 90 tesla near the Mott transition in fulleride superconductors
  Kasahara, Y., Takeuchi, Y., Zadik, R. H., Takabayashi, Y., Colman, R. H., McDonald, R. D., Rosseinsky, M. J., Prassides, K., Iwasa, Y. (2017-02-17)
  Nature Communications, 8
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Quantum heat transport of a two-qubit system: Interplay between system-bath coherence and qubit-qubit coherence
  Kato, Akihito, Tanimura, Yoshitaka (2015-08-14)
  Journal of Chemical Physics, 143(6)
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Simulating two-dimensional infrared-Raman and Raman spectroscopies for intermolecular and intramolecular modes of liquid water
  Ito, Hironobu, Tanimura, Yoshitaka (2016-02-21)
  Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(7)
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Mapping the ghost free bigravity into braneworld setup
  Yamashita, Yasuho, Tanaka, Takahiro (2014-06-04)
  Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2014
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Effects of α -cluster breaking on 3α-cluster structures in [12]C
  Suhara, Tadahiro, Kanada-En'Yo, Yoshiko (2015-02-17)
  Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 91(2)
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Intraspecific variation of phragmocone chamber volumes throughout ontogeny in the modern nautilid Nautilus and the Jurassic ammonite Normannites
  Tajika, Amane, Morimoto, Naoki, Wani, Ryoji, Naglik, Carole, Klug, Christian (2015-10-06)
  PeerJ, 2015(3)
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