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Realization of a SU(2)×SU(6) system of fermions in a cold atomic gas
  Taie, Shintaro, Takasu, Yosuke, Sugawa, Seiji, Yamazaki, Rekishu, Tsujimoto, Takuya, Murakami, Ryo, Takahashi, Yoshiro (2010-11-01)
  Physical review letters, 105(19)
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Transition-density-fragment interaction approach for exciton-coupled circular dichroism spectra
  Fujimoto, Kazuhiro J (2010-09-28)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 133(12)
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Doping dependence of spin fluctuations and electron correlations in iron pnictides
  Ikeda, Hiroaki, Arita, Ryotaro, Kuneš, Jan (2010-07)
  Physical Review B, 82(2)
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Rotary motion driven by a direct current electric field
  Takinoue, Masahiro, Atsumi, Yu, Yoshikawa, Kenichi (2010-03-12)
  Applied Physics Letters, 96(10)
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  林, 寛生, 小山, 幸伸, 堀, 智昭, 田中, 良昌, 鍵谷, 将人, 河野, 貴久, 吉田, 大紀, 上野, 悟, 金田, 直樹, 阿部, 修司, 三好, 由純, 岡田, 雅樹, 能勢, 正仁, 新堀, 淳樹 (2010-05-24)
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Simultaneous measurement of torsional oscillations and NMR of very dilute ^{3}He in solid ^{4}He
  Toda, Ryo, Gumann, Patryk, Kosaka, Kei, Kanemoto, Masatomo, Onoe, Wakana, Sasaki, Yutaka (2010-06)
  Physical Review B, 81(21)
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Crystal structure of the electron carrier domain of the reaction center cytochrome c(z) subunit from green photosynthetic bacterium Chlorobium tepidum
  Hirano, Yu, Higuchi, Makoto, Azai, Chihiro, Oh-Oka, Hirozo, Miki, Kunio, Wang, Zheng-Yu (2010-04-16)
  Journal of molecular biology, 397(5): 1175-1187
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Crystal structure of a thermophilic GrpE protein: insight into thermosensing function for the DnaK chaperone system
  Nakamura, Akira, Takumi, Kouhei, Miki, Kunio (2010-03-05)
  Journal of molecular biology, 396(4): 1000-1011
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  林, 寛生, 小山, 幸伸, 堀, 智昭, 田中, 良昌, 新堀, 淳樹, 鍵谷, 将人, 河野, 貴久, 阿部, 修司, 吉田, 大紀, 上野, 悟, 金田, 直樹 (2010-12-02)
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Hawking radiation from fluctuating black holes
  Takahashi, Tomohiro, Soda, Jiro (2010-09-07)
  Classical and Quantum Gravity, 27(17)
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