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Koch's Technologies and Postulates: How They Work Together in Connecting the Material and the Human in the Foundation of Bacteriology
  TANAKA, Yuriko (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 147-159
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On the Prehistory of QWERTY
  Yasuoka, Koichi, Yasuoka, Motoko (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 161-174
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Représentation Politique, Opinion Publique et Crédit : Les Réformes de la Compagnie des Indes et de la Monarchie Française selon Raynal/Necker
  OHJI, Kenta (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 111-129
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The "grhya" Formulas in Paippalāda-Samhitā20
  KAJIHARA, Mieko (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 39-62
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Civility in a Polytheistic Environment: A Perspective from the Japanese Experience
  YOKOYAMA, Toshio (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 175-185
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  岡村, 秀典 (2011-08-31)
  東方學報, 86: 1-90
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彙報 : 二〇一〇年一月より二〇一〇年十二月まで
  東方學報, 86: 751-776
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Changing Orisa Worship : Anti-White/Christian Ideology and the Black Relationships with Africa in the Yoruba American Socio-Religious Movement
  KOIKE, Ikuko (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 63-85
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The Gāyatra-Sāman : Chanting Innovations in the Sāmavedic Brāhmanas and Upanisad
  FUJII, Masato (2011-03)
  ZINBUN, 42: 1-37
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  宮, 紀子 (2011-08-31)
  東方學報, 86: 693-740
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