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Buddhism in North-western India and Eastern Afghanistan, Sixth to Ninth Century AD
  VERARDI, Giovanni (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 147-183
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Fictions juridiques : Remarques sur quelques procédés fictionnels en usage chez les juristes
  XIFARAS, Mikhaïl (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 87-146
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Frontières troublées de la fiction à la fin de la Renaissance
  Lavocat, Françoise (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 69-86
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Problems with the Terms : "Caucasoid", "Mongoloid" and "Negroid
  TAKEZAWA, Yasuko (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 61-68
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Reduktion, Repetition und Verstärkung : Klavierübungen und musikalisches Denken im 19.Jahrhundert
  OKADA, Akeo (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 13-33
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Military Mail for a Linguist : Soldiers Who Support and Profit from the Language Studies of Masamichi Miyatake
  KUROIWA, Yasuhiro (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 35-50
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Fabricating Antiquity in Modern Nara
  TAKAGI, Hiroshi (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 51-60
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Bandits in Gori Region, Eastern Georgia, in 1905
  ITO, Junji (2012-03)
  ZINBUN, 43: 1-12
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漢代官僚組織の最下層 : 「官」と「民」のはざま
  宮宅, 潔 (2012-12-10)
  東方學報, 87: 1-52
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戦争の遺物とその移動がもたらしたもの : 日本軍特殊潜航艇シドニー湾攻撃のその後
  田村, 恵子 (2012-03)
  人文學報 = The Zinbun Gakuhō : Journal of Humanities, 102: 23-49
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