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Characteristics of postseismic deformation following the 2003 Tokachi-oki earthquake and estimation of the viscoelastic structure in Hokkaido, northern Japan
  Itoh, Yuji; Nishimura, Takuya (2016-09)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 68
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Rapid dike intrusion into Sakurajima volcano on August 15, 2015, as detected by multi-parameter ground deformation observations
  Hotta, Kohei; Iguchi, Masato; Tameguri, Takeshi (2016-01-01)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 68: 68
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Pre-, Co-, and Post-Seismic Deformation of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake and its Implication to a Paradox in Short-Term and Long-Term Deformation
  Nishimura, Takuya (2014-06)
  Journal of Disaster Research, 9(3): 294-302
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San-in shear zone in southwest Japan, revealed by GNSS observations
  Nishimura, Takuya; Takada, Youichiro (2017-06-27)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 69
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Interseismic crustal deformation in and around the Atotsugawa fault system, central Japan, detected by InSAR and GNSS
  Takada, Youichiro; Sagiya, Takeshi; Nishimura, Takuya (2018-02-16)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 70
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Slow Slip Events in the Kanto and Tokai Regions of Central Japan Detected Using Global Navigation Satellite System Data During 1994–2020
  Nishimura, Takuya (2021-02)
  Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 22(2)
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Development of a detection method for short-term slow slip events using GNSS data and its application to the Nankai subduction zone
  Okada, Yutaro; Nishimura, Takuya; Tabei, Takao; Matsushima, Takeshi; Hirose, Hitoshi (2022)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 74
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