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An analysis of the feasibility and benefits of GPU/multicore acceleration of the Weather Research and Forecasting model
  Vanderbauwhede, Wim; Takemi, Tetsuya (2016-05)
  Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 28(7): 2052-2072
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Development of LOcal-scale High-resolution atmospheric DIspersion Model using Large-Eddy Simulation. Part 5: detailed simulation of turbulent flows and plume dispersion in an actual urban area under real meteorological conditions
  Nakayama, Hiromasa; Takemi, Tetsuya; Nagai, Haruyasu (2015-08-01)
  Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 53(6): 887-908
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Assessment of typhoon hazards under global warming: Case studies on severe typhoons with downscaling experiments
  Takemi, Tetsuya; Ito, Rui; Arakawa, Osamu (2015-10)
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A 1998-2013 climatology of Kyushu, Japan: seasonal variations of stability and rainfall
  Poulidis, Alexandros P.; Takemi, Tetsuya (2017-03-30)
  International Journal of Climatology, 37(4): 1843-1858
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Impact assessment of coastal hazards due to future changes of tropical cyclones in the North Pacific Ocean
  Mori, Nobuhito; Takemi, Tetsuya (2016-03)
  Weather and Climate Extremes, 11: 53-69
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Seasonal environmental characteristics for the tropical cyclone genesis in the Indian Ocean during the CINDY2011/DYNAMO field experiment
  Tsuboi, Aya; Takemi, Tetsuya; Yoneyama, Kunio (2016-05-12)
  Atmosphere, 7(5)
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Convection and precipitation under various stability and shear conditions: Squall lines in tropical versus midlatitude environment
  Takemi, Tetsuya (2014-06-01)
  Atmospheric Research, 142: 111-123
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Relationship between cumulus activity and environmental moisture during the CINDY2011/DYNAMO field experiment as revealed from convection-resolving simulations
  Takemi, Tetsuya (2016-01-20)
  Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 93A: 41-58
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Dependence of the precipitation intensity in mesoscale convective systems to temperature lapse rate
  Takemi, Tetsuya (2010-05)
  Atmospheric Research, 96(2-3): 273-285
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Numerical simulations of turbulent flow and dispersion over urban and complex terrain by coupling WRF and LES models
  Takemi, Tetsuya; Nakayama, Hiromasa (2015-09)
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