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  松岡, 隆 (1996-10-20)
  物性研究, 67(1): 1-56
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  秋元, 郁子 (1996-10-20)
  物性研究, 67(1): 57-86
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Alzheimer's Disease as Subcellular 'Cancer' --The Scale-Invariant Principles Underlying the Mechanisms of Aging--
  Murase, Masatoshi (1996)
  Progress of Theoretical Physics, 95(1): 1-36
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A Simplified Model for Excitability
  Murase, Masatoshi (1992)
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Nonlinear Waves in Flagella
  Murase, Masatoshi (1992)
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The Dynamics of cellular motility
  Murase, Masatoshi (1992)
  John Wiley & Sons. 1992. 357p.
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Zero-mode, winding number and commutators of abelian sigma model in (1+1) dimensions
  Tanimura, Shogo (1996-12-20)
  物性研究, 67(3): 313-328
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多様体上の量子力学の局所的性質と大局的構造 : スピン接続と非同値量子化(マニフォールド上での量子化および量子論)
  尾高, 一彦 (1996-12-20)
  物性研究, 67(3): 303-312
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Quantisation on the Two-Handled Sphere
  Crehan, P. (1996-12-20)
  物性研究, 67(3): 296-302
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Group Theoretical Aspects of Quantizing on Manifolds
  MCMULLAN, DAVID (1996-12-20)
  物性研究, 67(3): 329-332
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