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The Initial State of a Primordial Anisotropic Stage of Inflation
  Blanco-Pillado, Jose J., Minamitsuji, Masato (2015-06-12)
  Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2015
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Warped de Sitter compactifications
  Minamitsuji, Masato, Uzawa, Kunihito (2012-01)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2012(1)
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Dynamics of partially localized brane systems
  Minamitsuji, Masato, Uzawa, Kunihito (2011-12)
  Physical Review D, 84(12)
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Spectrum from the warped compactifications with the de Sitter universe
  Minamitsuji, Masato, Uzawa, Kunihito (2012-07-25)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2012(7)
General Relativity solutions in modified gravity
  Motohashi, Hayato, Minamitsuji, Masato (2018-06-10)
  Physics Letters B, 781: 728-734
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