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Constraining the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy from an x-ray bursting neutron star
  Sotani, Hajime, Iida, Kei, Oyamatsu, Kazuhiro (2015-01)
  Physical Review C, 91(1)
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Stellar oscillations in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity
  Sotani, Hajime (2014-06-30)
  Physical Review D, 89(12)
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Scalar gravitational waves from relativistic stars in scalar-tensor gravity
  Sotani, Hajime (2014-03)
  Physical Review D, 89(6)
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Observational discrimination of Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity from general relativity
  Sotani, Hajime (2014-05-02)
  Physical Review D, 89(10)
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Shear oscillations in the hadron–quark mixed phase
  Sotani, Hajime, Maruyama, Toshiki, Tatsumi, Toshitaka (2013-05)
  Nuclear Physics A, 906: 37-49
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Electron screening effects on crustal torsional oscillations
  Sotani, Hajime (2014-03-07)
  Physics Letters B, 730: 166-170
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