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Kaonic production of Λ(1405) off deuteron target in chiral
  Jido, Daisuke, Oset, E., Sekihara, T. (2009-11)
  European Physical Journal A, 42(2): 257-268
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What is Life? The Next 100 Years of Yukawa's Dream: Nishinomiya-Yukawa International & Interdisciplinary Symposium 2007
  Murase, Masatoshi (2007)
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Exactly solvable birth and death processes
  Sasaki, Ryu (2009-10)
  Journal of Mathematical Physics, 50(10)
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What is Creativity? Emergent Phenomena in Complex Adaptive Systems
  Murase, Masatoshi (2008)
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進化ダイナミックスにおける自己・非自己循環原理の探求 - 構成的認識の理論と実践 -
  村瀬, 雅俊 (2008)
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Phase diagram evolution at finite coupling in strong coupling lattice QCD
  Miura, Kohtaroh, Nakano, Takashi Z., Ohnishi, Akira, Kawamoto, Noboru (2009-10)
  Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 80(7)
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電磁波と生体への影響 - 作用機序解明をめざす統合生命科学 -
  村瀬, 雅俊 (2004-03-20)
  科学・社会・人間, 88: 37-50
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こころの老化としての「分裂病」: 創造性と破壊生の起源と進化
  村瀬, 雅俊 (2001)
  講座生命. 中村雄二郎, 木村敏監修. Vol.5, 2001. 220-258.
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Environmental pollution and health : an interdisciplinary study of the bioeffects of electromagnetic fields
  Murase, Masatoshi (2008-03)
  SANSAI : An Environmental Journal for the Global Community, 3: 1-35
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The Origin and Evolution of Life by Means of Endo-Exo Circulation
  Murase, Masatoshi (2000)
  歴史としての生命 : 自己・非自己循環理論の構築. 村瀬雅俊. 京都大学学術出版会. 2000, 369-376.
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