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Canonical functions, differential graded symplectic pairs in supergeometry, and Alexandrov-Kontsevich-Schwartz-Zaboronsky sigma models with boundaries
  Ikeda, Noriaki, Xu, Xiaomeng (2014-11)
  Journal of Mathematical Physics, 55(11)
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Hadron mass scaling near the s-wave threshold
  Hyodo, Tetsuo (2014-11-18)
  Physical Review C, 90(5)
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Generalized gradient flow equation and its application to super Yang-Mills theory
  Kikuchi, Kengo, Onogi, Tetsuya (2014-11)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014(11)
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Analytic solutions of the relativistic Boltzmann equation
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Martinez, Mauricio, Xiao, Bo-Wen (2015-04-20)
  Physical Review D, 91(8)
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Comments on complete actions for open superstring field theory
  Matsunaga, Hiroaki (2016-11)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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Scattering amplitude and bosonization duality in general Chern-Simons vector models
  Yokoyama, Shuichi (2016-09)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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On 4d rank-one N = 3 $$ mathcal{N}=3 $$ superconformal field theories
  Nishinaka, Takahiro, Tachikawa, Yuji (2016-09)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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Response function of the large-scale structure of the universe to the small scale inhomogeneities
  Nishimichi, Takahiro, Bernardeau, Francis, Taruya, Atsushi (2016-11)
  Physics Letters B, 762: 247-252
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Out-of-time-ordered correlators and purity in rational conformal field theories
  Caputa, Paweł, Numasawa, Tokiro, Veliz-Osorio, Alvaro (2016-11)
  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2016(11)
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Scattering effect on entanglement propagation in RCFTs
  Numasawa, Tokiro (2016-12)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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