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Regularized cosmological power spectrum and correlation function in modified gravity models
  Taruya, Atsushi, Nishimichi, Takahiro, Bernardeau, Francis, Hiramatsu, Takashi, Koyama, Kazuya (2014-12-12)
  Physical Review D, 90(12)
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Habemus superstratum! A constructive proof of the existence of superstrata
  Bena, Iosif, Giusto, Stefano, Russo, Rodolfo, Shigemori, Masaki, Warner, Nicholas P. (2015-05-21)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2015(5)
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Charged lepton flavor violation in the semi-constrained NMSSM with right-handed neutrinos
  Nakamura, Keisuke, Nomura, Daisuke (2015-06-30)
  Physics Letters B, 746: 396-405
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Entropy for gravitational Chern-Simons terms by squashed cone method
  Guo, Wu Zhong, Miao, Rong Xin (2016-04)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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GUP parameter from quantum corrections to the Newtonian potential
  Scardigli, Fabio, Lambiase, Gaetano, Vagenas, Elias C. (2017-04)
  Physics Letters B, 767: 242-246
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On the definition of entanglement entropy in lattice gauge theories
  Aoki, Sinya, Iritani, Takumi, Nozaki, Masahiro, Numasawa, Tokiro, Shiba, Noburo, Tasaki, Hal (2015-06-26)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2015(6)
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Entanglement density and gravitational thermodynamics
  Bhattacharya, Jyotirmoy, Hubeny, Veronika E., Rangamani, Mukund, Takayanagi, Tadashi (2015-05-21)
  Physical Review D, 91(10)
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General transformation of α cluster model wave function to jj-coupling shell model in various 4N nuclei
  Itagaki, N., Matsuno, H., Suhara, T. (2016-09-17)
  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2016
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Two-dimensional RCFT’s without Kac-Moody symmetry
  Hampapura, Harsha R., Mukhi, Sunil (2016-07-28)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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Symmetries and Feynman rules for the Ramond sector in open superstring field theory
  Kunitomo, H. (2015-03-21)
  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2015(3)
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