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What is Life? The Next 100 Years of Yukawa's Dream: Nishinomiya-Yukawa International & Interdisciplinary Symposium 2007
  Murase, Masatoshi (2007)
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What is Creativity? Emergent Phenomena in Complex Adaptive Systems
  Murase, Masatoshi (2008)
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Environmental pollution and health : an interdisciplinary study of the bioeffects of electromagnetic fields
  Murase, Masatoshi (2008-03)
  SANSAI : An Environmental Journal for the Global Community, 3: 1-35
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The Origin and Evolution of Life by Means of Endo-Exo Circulation
  Murase, Masatoshi (2000)
  歴史としての生命 : 自己・非自己循環理論の構築. 村瀬雅俊. 京都大学学術出版会. 2000, 369-376.
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Endo-Exo Circulation as a Paradigm of Life: Towards a New Synthesis of Eastern Philosophy and Western Science
  Murase, Masatoshi (2008)
  Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement, 173: 1-10
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