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Analytic solutions of the relativistic Boltzmann equation
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Martinez, Mauricio, Xiao, Bo-Wen (2015-04-20)
  Physical Review D, 91(8)
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Collinearly improved JIMWLK evolution in Langevin form
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Iancu, Edmond (2016-08)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016
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Exact analytical solutions of second order conformal hydrodynamics
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Noronha, Jorge, Xiao, Bo-Wen (2014-03)
  Physical Review D, 89(5)
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Gluon helicity ΔG from a universality class of operators on a lattice
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Ji, Xiangdong, Zhao, Yong (2014-04-18)
  Physical Review D, 89(8)
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Hemisphere jet mass distribution at finite Nc
  Hagiwara, Yoshikazu, Hatta, Yoshitaka, Ueda, Takahiro (2016-05-10)
  Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 756: 254-258
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Building up the elliptic flow: Analytical insights
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Xiao, Bo-Wen (2014-09)
  Physics Letters B, 736: 180-185
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Elliptic flow in small systems due to elliptic gluon distributions?
  Hagiwara, Yoshikazu, Hatta, Yoshitaka, Xiao, Bo-Wen, Yuan, Feng (2017-08-10)
  Physics Letters B, 771: 374-378
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Resummation of non-global logarithms at finite Nc
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Ueda, Takahiro (2013-09)
  Nuclear Physics B, 874(3): 808-820
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On the small- x behavior of the orbital angular momentum distributions in QCD
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Yang, Dong-Jing (2018-06-10)
  Physics Letters B, 781: 213-219
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Husimi distribution for nucleon tomography
  Hatta, Yoshitaka, Hagiwara, Yoshikazu (2016-03-21)
  EPJ Web of Conferences, 112
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