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Criticality of the net-baryon number probability distribution at finite density
  Morita, Kenji, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof (2015-02)
  Physics Letters B, 741: 178-183
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Probing deconfinement in a chiral effective model with Polyakov loop at imaginary chemical potential
  Morita, Kenji, Skokov, Vladimir, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof (2011-10)
  Physical Review D, 84(7)
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Net quark number probability distribution near the chiral crossover transition
  Morita, Kenji, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof, Skokov, Vladimir (2013-09-12)
  Physical Review C, 88(3)
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