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Chiral and deconfinement transitions in strong coupling lattice QCD with finite coupling and Polyakov loop effects
  Nakano, Takashi, Miura, Kohtaroh, Ohnishi, Akira (2011-01)
  Physical Review D, 83(1)
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Seiberg-Witten curve via generalized matrix model
  Maruyoshi, Kazunobu, Yagi, Futoshi (2011-01)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2011(1)
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Non-holomorphic modular forms and SL(2,R)/U(1) superconformal field theory
  Eguchi, Tohru, Sugawara, Yuji (2011-03)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2011(3)
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Tracing the redshift evolution of Hubble parameter with gravitational-wave standard sirens
  Nishizawa, Atsushi, Taruya, Atsushi, Saito, Shun (2011-04)
  Physical Review D, 83(8)
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Probing deconfinement in a chiral effective model with Polyakov loop at imaginary chemical potential
  Morita, Kenji, Skokov, Vladimir, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof (2011-10)
  Physical Review D, 84(7)
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Angular momentum at null infinity in five dimensions
  Tanabe, Kentaro, Tanahashi, Norihiro, Shiromizu, Tetsuya (2011-03)
  Journal of Mathematical Physics, 52(3)
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Exactly and quasi-exactly solvable 'discrete' quantum mechanics
  Sasaki, Ryu (2011-03-28)
  Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences, 369(1939): 1301-1318
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Extended quantum dimer model and novel valence-bond phases
  Nakata, Kouki, Totsuka, Keisuke (2011-01)
  Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2011(01)
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Dynamics of partially localized brane systems
  Minamitsuji, Masato, Uzawa, Kunihito (2011-12)
  Physical Review D, 84(12)
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Magnon Pumping by a Time-Dependent Transverse Magnetic Field in Ferromagnetic Insulators
  Nakata, Kouki, Tatara, Gen (2011-04)
  Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 80
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