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Single-shot spectra of temporally selected micropulses from a mid-infrared free-electron laser by upconversion
  Wang, Xiaolong, Nakajima, Takashi, Zen, Heishun, Kii, Toshiteru, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2012-12-15)
  Optics Letters, 37(24): 5148-5150
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Material Analysis Laboratory in KU-FEL, Kyoto University
  Yoshida, Kyohei, Sonobe, Taro, Bakr, Mahoumd, Sakka, Tetsuo, Sagawa, Takashi, Nakata, Eiji, Morii, Takashi, Kii, Toshiteru, Masuda, Kai, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2011)
  Energy Procedia, 9: 483-490
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Investigation on conversion pathways in degradative solvent extraction of rice straw by using liquid membrane-FTIR spectroscopy
  Ketren, Watcharakorn, Zen, Heishun, Ashida, Ryuichi, Kii, Toshiteru, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2019-02-07)
  Energies, 12(3)
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Analysis of Ferroresonance Phenomenon in 22 kV Distribution System with a Photovoltaic Source by PSCAD/EMTDC
  Thanomsat, Nattapan, Plangklang, Boonyang, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2018-7-3)
  Energies, 11(7)
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Development Strategy for Sustainable Solar Home System in the Akha Upland Community of Thailand
  Bhumkittipich, Pimnapat, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2018-6-10)
  Energies, 11(6)
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