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Effects of pulse duration upon the plume formation by the laser ablation of Cu in water
  Oguchi, H, Sakka, T, Ogata, YH (2007-07-15)
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Simultaneous production of spin-polarized ions/electrons based on two-photon ionization of laser-ablated metallic atoms
  Nakajima, T, Yonekura, N, Matsuo, Y, Kobayashi, T, Fukuyama, Y (2003-09-15)
  APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 83(11): 2103-2105
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Confinement effect of laser ablation plume in liquids probed by self-absorption of C-2 Swan band emission
  Sakka, T, Saito, K, Ogata, YH (2005-01-01)
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Control of the spin polarization of photoelectrons/photoions using short laser pulses
  Nakajima, T (2004-05-10)
  APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 84(19): 3786-3788
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Effects of laser intensity and applied electric field on coherent control of spin polarization by short laser pulses
  Nakajima, T (2006-03-13)
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Influence of heat input waveform on transient critical heat flux of subcooled water flow boiling in a short vertical tube
  Hata, Koichi, Masuzaki, s. (2010-02)
  Nuclear Engineering and Design, 240(2): 440-452
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Characterization of attosecond XUV pulses utilizing a broadband UV~VUV pumping
  Chen, Jun, Itakura, Ryuji, Nakajima, Takashi (2010)
  Optics Express, 18(3): 2020-2035
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Effects of side-chain packing on the formation of secondary structures in protein folding
  Yasuda, Satoshi, Yoshidome, Takashi, Oshima, Hiraku, Kodama, Ryota, Harano, Yuichi, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2010-02-14)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 132(6)
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Synergetic effects of double laser pulses for the formation of mild plasma in water: toward non-gated underwater laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  Sakka, Tetsuo, Tamura, Ayaka, Nakajima, Takashi, Fukami, Kazuhiro, Ogata, Yukio H (2012-05)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 136(17)
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Pore formation in p-type silicon in solutions containing different types of alcohol
  Urata, Tomoko, Fukami, Kazuhiro, Sakka, Tetsuo, Ogata, Yukio H (2012-06-21)
  Nanoscale research letters, 7
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