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Microstructure and mechanical properties of mechanically alloyed ODS copper alloy for fusion material application
  Aghamiri, S.M.S., Oono, N., Ukai, S., Kasada, R., Noto, H., Hishinuma, Y., Muroga, T. (2018-05)
  Nuclear Materials and Energy, 15: 17-22
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Unidirectional molecular assembly alignment on graphene enabled by nanomechanical symmetry breaking
  Hong, Liu, Nishihara, Taishi, Hijikata, Yuh, Miyauchi, Yuhei, Itami, Kenichiro (2018-02-05)
  Scientific Reports, 8
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Plastic roles of phenylalanine and tyrosine residues of an RGG motif of TLS/FUS in binary and ternary complex formation with the G-quadruplex structures of telomeric DNA and TERRA
  Kondo, Keiko, Mashima, Tsukasa, Oyoshi, Takanori, Yagi, Ryota, Kurokawa, Riki, Kobayashi, Naohiro, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato (2018-02-12)
  Scientific reports, 8
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Structural Insight into the Recognition of r(UAG) by Musashi-1 RBD2, and Construction of a Model of Musashi-1 RBD1-2 Bound to the Minimum Target RNA
  Iwaoka, Ryo, Nagata, Takashi, Tsuda, Kengo, Imai, Takao, Okano, Hideyuki, Kobayashi, Naohiro, Katahira, Masato (2017-7-19)
  Molecules, 22(7)
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Analysis of Ferroresonance Phenomenon in 22 kV Distribution System with a Photovoltaic Source by PSCAD/EMTDC
  Thanomsat, Nattapan, Plangklang, Boonyang, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2018-7-3)
  Energies, 11(7)
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Development Strategy for Sustainable Solar Home System in the Akha Upland Community of Thailand
  Bhumkittipich, Pimnapat, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2018-6-10)
  Energies, 11(6)
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Surface morphology changes of silicon carbide by helium plasma irradiation
  Yamashita, N., Omori, K., Kimura, Y., Hinoki, T., Ibano, K., Lee, H.T., Ueda, Y. (2018-08)
  Nuclear Materials and Energy, 16: 145-148
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Electrochemical reduction behavior of borosilicate glass in molten CaCl₂
  Katasho, Yumi, Yang, Xiao, Yasuda, Kouji, Nohira, Toshiyuki (2016-08-26)
  Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163(10): D622-D627
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Electrochemical behavior of Ti(III) ions in a KF–KCl eutectic melt
  Norikawa, Yutaro, Yasuda, Kouji, Nohira, Toshiyuki (2018-04-05)
  Electrochemistry, 86(2): 99-103
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Ultra-narrow-band near-infrared thermal exciton radiation in intrinsic one-dimensional semiconductors
  Nishihara, Taishi, Takakura, Akira, Miyauchi, Yuhei, Itami, Kenichiro (2018-08-07)
  Nature Communications, 9
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