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On the physics of thermal-stability changes upon mutations of a protein
  Murakami, Shota, Oshima, Hiraku, Hayashi, Tomohiko, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2015-09-30)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 143(12)
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An efficient method for analyzing conformational properties of a polymer in solvent
  Amano, Ken-ich, Oshima, Hiraku, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2011-02-28)
  Chemical Physics Letters, 504(1-3): 7-12
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Effects of heme on the thermal stability of mesophilic and thermophilic cytochromes c: Comparison between experimental and theoretical results
  Oda, Koji, Kodama, Ryota, Yoshidome, Takashi, Yamanaka, Masaru, Sambongi, Yoshihiro, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2011-01-14)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 134(2)
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Entropic potential field formed for a linear-motor protein near a filament: Statistical-mechanical analyses using simple models
  Amano, Ken-Ichi, Yoshidome, Takashi, Iwaki, Mitsuhiro, Suzuki, Makoto, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2010-07-28)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 133(4)
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Free-energy function for discriminating the native fold of a protein from misfolded decoys
  Yasuda, Satoshi, Yoshidome, Takashi, Harano, Yuichi, Roth, Roland, Oshima, Hiraku, Oda, Koji, Sugita, Yuji, Ikeguchi, Mitsunori, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2011-05-09)
  Proteins : structure, function, and genetics, 79(7): 2161-2171
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Potential of mean force between a large solute and a biomolecular complex: A model analysis on protein flux through chaperonin system
  Amano, Ken-Ich, Oshima, Hiraku, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2011-11)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 135(18)
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Physical origins of the high structural stability of CLN025 with only ten residues
  Yasuda, Satoshi, Hayashi, Tomohiko, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2014-09-10)
  The Journal of chemical physics, 141(10)
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Crucial importance of the water-entropy effect in predicting hot spots in protein-protein complexes
  Oshima, Hiraku, Yasuda, Satoshi, Yoshidome, Takashi, Ikeguchi, Mitsunori, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2011-08-15)
  Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 13(36): 16236-16246
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Binding of an RNA aptamer and a partial peptide of a prion protein: crucial importance of water entropy in molecular recognition
  Hayashi, Tomohiko, Oshima, Hiraku, Mashima, Tsukasa, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2014-05)
  Nucleic acids research, 42(11): 6861-6875
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Entropic insertion of a big sphere into a cylindrical vessel
  Amano, Ken-ich, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2010-03-12)
  Chemical Physics Letters, 488(1-3): 1-6
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