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K(+)-responsive off-to-on switching of hammerhead ribozyme through dual G-quadruplex formation requiring no heating and cooling treatment
  Yamaoki, Yudai, Nagata, Takashi, Mashima, Tsukasa, Katahira, Masato (2015-12-04)
  Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 468(1-2): 27-31
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The binding specificity of Translocated in LipoSarcoma/FUsed in Sarcoma with lncRNA transcribed from the promoter region of cyclin D1
  Yoneda, Ryoma, Suzuki, Shiho, Mashima, Tsukasa, Kondo, Keiko, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato, Kurokawa, Riki (2016-01-25)
  Cell and Bioscience, 6
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Binding of an RNA aptamer and a partial peptide of a prion protein: crucial importance of water entropy in molecular recognition
  Hayashi, Tomohiko, Oshima, Hiraku, Mashima, Tsukasa, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato, Kinoshita, Masahiro (2014-05)
  Nucleic acids research, 42(11): 6861-6875
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Anti-prion activity of an RNA aptamer and its structural basis
  Mashima, Tsukasa, Nishikawa, Fumiko, Kamatari, Yuji O, Fujiwara, Hiromichi, Saimura, Masayuki, Nagata, Takashi, Kodaki, Tsutomu, Nishikawa, Satoshi, Kuwata, Kazuo, Katahira, Masato (2013-01)
  Nucleic acids research, 41(2): 1355-1362
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Plastic roles of phenylalanine and tyrosine residues of an RGG motif of TLS/FUS in binary and ternary complex formation with the G-quadruplex structures of telomeric DNA and TERRA
  Kondo, Keiko, Mashima, Tsukasa, Oyoshi, Takanori, Yagi, Ryota, Kurokawa, Riki, Kobayashi, Naohiro, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato (2018-02-12)
  Scientific reports, 8
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