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SecretEPDB: a comprehensive web-based resource for secreted effector proteins of the bacterial types III, IV and VI secretion systems
  An, Yi, Wang, Jiawei, Li, Chen, Revote, Jerico, Zhang, Yang, Naderer, Thomas, Hayashida, Morihiro, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Webb, Geoffrey I., Lithgow, Trevor, Song, Jiangning (2017-01-23)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Computational Methods for Modification of Metabolic Networks
  Tamura, Takeyuki, Lu, Wei, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2015)
  Computational and structural biotechnology journal, 13: 376-381
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Matrix Network: A New Data Structure for Efficient Enumeration of Microstates of a Genetic Regulatory Network
  Cong, Xiao, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2015-11)
  Journal of Information Processing, 23(6): 804-813
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Sector dominance ratio analysis of financial markets
  Uechi, Lisa, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Stanley, H. Eugene, Marcus, Alan J., Kenett, Dror Y. (2015-03)
  Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 421: 488-509
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LBSizeCleav: Improved support vector machine (SVM)-based prediction of Dicer cleavage sites using loop/bulge length
  Bao, Yu, Hayashida, Morihiro, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2016-11-25)
  BMC Bioinformatics, 17
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Structurally robust control of complex networks
  Nacher, Jose C., Akutsu, Tatsuya (2015-01-30)
  Physical Review E, 91(1)
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Parallelization of enumerating tree-like chemical compounds by breadth-first search order
  Hayashida, Morihiro, Jindalertudomdee, Jira, Zhao, Yang, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2015-05-29)
  BMC medical genomics, 8(Suppl 2)
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Intelligent Informatics in Translational Medicine
  Chang, Hao-Teng, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Draghici, Sorin, Ray, Oliver, Pai, Tun-Wen (2015)
  BioMed research international, 2015
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Determining associations between human diseases and non-coding RNAs with critical roles in network control
  Kagami, Haruna, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Maegawa, Shingo, Hosokawa, Hiroshi, Nacher, Jose C. (2015-10-13)
  Scientific Reports, 5
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Enumeration method for tree-like chemical compounds with benzene rings and naphthalene rings by breadth-first search order
  Jindalertudomdee, Jira, Hayashida, Morihiro, Zhao, Yang, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2016-03-01)
  BMC Bioinformatics, 17
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