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Visualization of Water Accumulation Process in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Using Neutron Radiography
  Murakawa, Hideki, Sugimoto, Katsumi, Kitamura, Nobuki, Sawada, Masataka, Asano, Hitoshi, Takenaka, Nobuyuki, Saito, Yasushi (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 607-611
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Measurement of Coolant in a Flat Heat Pipe Using Neutron Radiography
  Mizuta, Kei, Saito, Yasushi, Goshima, Takashi, Tsutsui, Toshio (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 556-563
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Visualization and Measurement of Adsorption/Desorption Process of Ethanol in Activated Carbon Adsorber
  Asano, Hitoshi, Murata, Kenta, Takenaka, Nobuyuki, Saito, Yasushi (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 503-508
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Shape measurement of bubble in a liquid metal
  Saito, Yasushi, Shen, Xiuzhong, Mishima, Kaichiro, Matsubayashi, Masahito (2009-06)
  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 605(1-2): 192-196
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In-situ Neutron Tomography on Mixing Behavior of Supercritical Water and Room Temperature Water in a Tubular Flow Reactor
  Takami, Seiichi, Sugioka, Ken-ichi, Ozawa, Kyohei, Tsukada, Takao, Adschiri, Tadafumi, Sugimoto, Katsumi, Takenaka, Nobuyuki, Saito, Yasushi (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 564-569
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Visualization of Bubble Behavior in a Packed Bed of Spheres Using Neutron Radiography
  Ito, Daisuke, Saito, Yasushi (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 593-598
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Hybrid Two-phase Flow Measurements in a Narrow Channel Using Neutron Radiography and Liquid Film Sensor
  Ito, Daisuke, Saito, Yasushi, Kawabata, Yuji (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 570-576
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Visualization of Hydrazine Decomposition in a Catalyst Bed by Using Neutron Radiography
  Ito, Daisuke, Saito, Yasushi, Kagawa, Hideshi, Nagata, Taiichi, Masuoka, Tadashi, Ikeda, Hirohide, Kawabata, Yuji (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 577-582
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Image Enhancement for High frame-rate Neutron Radiography
  Saito, Yasushi, Ito, Daisuke (2015)
  Physics Procedia, 69: 265-270
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