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Influence of manipulating hypoxia in solid tumors on the radiation dose-rate effect in vivo, with reference to that in the quiescent cell population
  Masunaga, Shin-ichiro, Hirayama, Ryoichi, Uzawa, Akiko, Kashino, Genro, Takata, Takushi, Tanaka, Hiroki, Suzuki, Minoru, Kinashi, Yuko, Liu, Yong, Koike, Sachiko, Ando, Koichi, Ono, Koji (2010-02)
  Japanese journal of radiology, 28(2): 132-142
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The dependency of compound biological effectiveness factors on the type and the concentration of administered neutron capture agents in boron neutron capture therapy
  Masunaga, Shin-ichiro, Sakurai, Yoshinori, Tanaka, Hiroki, Tano, Keizo, Suzuki, Minoru, Kondo, Natsuko, Narabayashi, Masaru, Nakagawa, Yosuke, Watanabe, Tsubasa, Maruhashi, Akira, Ono, Koji (2014-03-07)
  SpringerPlus, 3(1)
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Wortmannin efficiently suppresses the recovery from radiation-induced damage in pimonidazole-unlabeled quiescent tumor cell population
  Masunaga, Shin-Ichiro, Sakurai, Yoshinori, Tanaka, Hiroki, Suzuki, Minoru, Kondo, Natsuko, Narabayashi, Masaru, Maruhashi, Akira, Ono, Koji (2013-03)
  Journal of radiation research, 54(2): 221-229
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The Effect of p53 Status of Tumor Cells on Radiosensitivity of Irradiated Tumors With Carbon-Ion Beams Compared With γ-Rays or Reactor Neutron Beams
  Masunaga, Shin-ichiro, Uzawa, Akiko, Hirayama, Ryoichi, Matsumoto, Yoshitaka, Sakurai, Yoshinori, Tanaka, Hiroki, Tano, Keizo, Sanada, Yu, Suzuki, Minoru, Maruhashi, Akira, Ono, Koji (2015)
  World Journal of Oncology, 6(4): 398-409
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