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Exercise training increases CISD family protein expression in murine skeletal muscle and white adipose tissue
  Yokokawa, Takumi, Kido, Kohei, Suga, Tadashi, Sase, Kohei, Isaka, Tadao, Hayashi, Tatsuya, Fujita, Satoshi (2018-11-30)
  Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 506(3): 571-577
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Heat stress acutely activates insulin-independent glucose transport and 5′-AMP-activated protein kinase prior to an increase in HSP72 protein in rat skeletal muscle
  Goto, Ayumi, Egawa, Tatsuro, Sakon, Ichika, Oshima, Rieko, Ito, Kanata, Serizawa, Yasuhiro, Sekine, Keiichi, Tsuda, Satoshi, Goto, Katsumasa, Hayashi, Tatsuya (2015-11-05)
  Physiological Reports, 3(11)
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Exercise-induced mitochondrial biogenesis coincides with the expression of mitochondrial translation factors in murine skeletal muscle
  Yokokawa, Takumi, Kido, Kohei, Suga, Tadashi, Isaka, Tadao, Hayashi, Tatsuya, Fujita, Satoshi (2018-10)
  Physiological reports, 6(20)
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AMPK Mediates Muscle Mass Change But Not the Transition of Myosin Heavy Chain Isoforms during Unloading and Reloading of Skeletal Muscles in Mice
  Egawa, Tatsuro, Ohno, Yoshitaka, Goto, Ayumi, Yokoyama, Shingo, Hayashi, Tatsuya, Goto, Katsumasa (2018-10)
  International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 19(10)
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