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A New Species of Leptobrachium from the Kelabit Highland, Northwestern Borneo (Anura, Megophryidae)
  Hamidy, Amir, Matsui, Masafumi (2014-02)
  Current Herpetology, 33(1): 57-67
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Genetic Divergence in a Bornean Fanged Frog Limnonectes leporinus (Dicroglossidae, Anura)
  Matsui, Masafumi, Nishimura, Tatsuhiko, Eto, Koshiro, Kuraishi, Norihiro, Hamidy, Amir, Nishikawa, Kanto, Sudin, Ahmad (2015-02)
  Current Herpetology, 34(1): 28-37
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List of polypores collected from natural forests in Sarawak, Borneo Island between 1954 and 2003
  YAMASHITA, Satoshi, SALLEH, Habibah, HATTORI, Tsutomu (2018-03-08)
  Contributions from the Biological Laboratory Kyoto University, 31(1): 1-46
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A list of ants from Lambir Hills National Park and its vicinity, with their biological information: Part I. Subfamilies Myrmicinae and Pseudomyrmecinae
  YAMANE, Seiki, TANAKA, Hiroshi O., HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki, OHASHI, Mizue, ITIOKA, Takao (2018-10-10)
  Contributions from the Biological Laboratory Kyoto University, 30(4): 173-235
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