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  英文学評論, 88
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ヘンリー・ジェイムズ : 『ガイ・ドンヴィル』(承前)
  水野, 尚之 (2016-02-28)
  英文学評論, 88: [1]-[13]
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翻訳:『ロークラインの悲劇』(1595年) 第3幕-第5幕(全5幕)
  桑山, 智成, 高谷, 修 (2016-02-28)
  英文学評論, 88: 1-54
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Inside the Mental Mechanism of Evaluation Processing
  SUGAYA, YUSUKE (2015-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 21: 153-182
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  小川, 陽香 (2015-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 21: 1-19
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Prepositionalities of Deverbal Prepositions: Differences in Degree of Grammaticalization
  HAYASHI, TOMOAKI (2015-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 21: 129-151
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  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 21
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The Rockefeller Foundation and Refugee Scholars during the Early Years of the Cold War
  Maekawa, Reiko (2016-02-28)
  英文学評論, 88: 85-113
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Assembly of complex plant–fungus networks
  Toju, Hirokazu, Guimarães, Paulo R, Olesen, Jens M, Thompson, John N (2014-10-20)
  Nature communications, 5
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Wildlife disease. Recent introduction of a chytrid fungus endangers Western Palearctic salamanders
  Martel, A, Blooi, M, Adriaensen, C, Van Rooij, P, Beukema, W, Fisher, M C, Farrer, R A, Schmidt, B R, Tobler, U, Goka, K, Lips, K R, Muletz, C, Zamudio, K R, Bosch, J, Lötters, S, Wombwell, E, Garner, T W J, Cunningham, A A, Spitzen-van der Sluijs, A, Salvidio, S, Ducatelle, R, Nishikawa, K, Nguyen, T T, Kolby, J E, Van Bocxlaer, I, Bossuyt, F, Pasmans, F (2014-10-31)
  Science, 346(6209): 630-631
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