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Multi-color persistent luminescence in transparent glass ceramics containing spinel nano-crystals with Mn[2+] ions
  Zhuang, Yixi, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2014-11-10)
  Applied Physics Letters, 105(19)
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Role of electron transfer in Ce3+ sensitized Yb3+ luminescence in borate glass
  Sontakke, Atul D., Ueda, Jumpei, Katayama, Yumiko, Zhuang, Yixi, Dorenbos, Pieter, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2015-01-07)
  Journal of Applied Physics, 117(1)
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Analysis of Ce3+ luminescence quenching in solid solutions between Y3Al5O12 and Y3Ga5O12 by temperature dependence of photoconductivity measurement
  Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa, Nakanishi, Takayuki (2011-09-01)
  Journal of applied physics, 110(5): 53102-531026
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Band-gap variation and a self-redox effect induced by compositional deviation in ZnxGa2O3+x:Cr3+ persistent phosphors
  Zhuang, Yixi, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa, Dorenbos, Pieter (2014-04-29)
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2(28): 5502-5509
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Visible to near infrared conversion in Ce3+-Yb3+ Co-doped YAG ceramics
  Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2009-08-17)
  Journal of Applied Physics, 106(4): 043101
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Broadband near ultra violet sensitization of 1 μm luminescence in Yb3+-doped CeO2 crystal
  Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2011-10-04)
  Journal of Applied Physics, 110(7): 073104
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Photochromism and white long-lasting persistent luminescence in Bi[3+]-doped ZnGa[2]O[4] ceramics
  Zhuang, Yixi, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2012-10-01)
  Optical Materials Express, 2(10): 1378
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Thermal Quenching Mechanism of CaAlSiN₃:Eu²⁺ Red Phosphor
  Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa, Takahashi, Kohsei, Takeda, Takashi, Hirosaki, Naoto (2018-2-15)
  Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 91(2): 173-177
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Thermal ionization and thermally activated crossover quenching processes for 5d−4f luminescence in Y₃Al₅−ₓGaₓO₁₂:Pr³⁺
  Ueda, Jumpei, Meijerink, Andries, Dorenbos, Pieter, Bos, Adrie J. J., Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2017-01-01)
  Physical Review B, 95(1)
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Near-infrared long persistent luminescence of Er3+ in garnet for the third bio-imaging window
  Xu, Jian, Murata, Daisuke, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2016-12-21)
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(47): 11096-11103
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