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Comparison of muscle synergies for running between different foot strike patterns
  Nishida, Koji, Hagio, Shota, Kibushi, Benio, Moritani, Toshio, Kouzaki, Motoki (2017-02-03)
  PLOS ONE, 12(2)
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Preparatory body state before reacting to an opponent: Short-term joint torque fluctuation in real-time competitive sports
  Fujii, Keisuke, Yamashita, Daichi, Kimura, Tetsuya, Isaka, Tadao, Kouzaki, Motoki (2015-05-29)
  PLOS ONE, 10(5)
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Identification of muscle synergies associated with gait transition in humans
  Hagio, Shota, Fukuda, Mizuho, Kouzaki, Motoki (2015-02-10)
  Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 9
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Effect of intermittent feedback control on robustness of human-like postural control system
  Tanabe, Hiroko, Fujii, Keisuke, Suzuki, Yasuyuki, Kouzaki, Motoki (2016-03-02)
  Scientific Reports, 6
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Mutual and asynchronous anticipation and action in sports as globally competitive and locally coordinative dynamics
  Fujii, Keisuke, Isaka, Tadao, Kouzaki, Motoki, Yamamoto, Yuji (2015-11-05)
  Scientific Reports, 5
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Regional neuromuscular regulation within human rectus femoris muscle during gait
  Watanabe, Kohei, Kouzaki, Motoki, Moritani, Toshio (2014-11-07)
  Journal of biomechanics, 47(14): 3502-3508
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The return trip is felt shorter only postdictively: A psychophysiological study of the return trip effect
  Ozawa, Ryosuke, Fujii, Keisuke, Kouzaki, Motoki (2015-06-10)
  PLOS ONE, 10(6)
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Region specificity of rectus femoris muscle for force vectors in vivo
  Hagio, Shota, Nagata, Kaori, Kouzaki, Motoki (2012-01-03)
  Journal of biomechanics, 45(1): 179-182
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The effects of running exercise on oxidative capacity and PGC-1α mRNA levels in the soleus muscle of rats with metabolic syndrome
  Nagatomo, Fumiko, Fujino, Hidemi, Kondo, Hiroyo, Kouzaki, Motoki, Gu, Ning, Takeda, Isao, Tsuda, Kinsuke, Ishihara, Akihiko (2012-03)
  The journal of physiological sciences : JPS, 62(2): 105-114
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Intermittent muscle activity in the feedback loop of postural control system during natural quiet standing
  Tanabe, Hiroko, Fujii, Keisuke, Kouzaki, Motoki (2017-09-6)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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