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Chapter 8: Blue Light Chargeable Persistent Phosphors
  Ueda, Jumpei (2016)
  Towards Future Earth: Challenges and Progress of Global Environmental Studies (2016): 129-145
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Near-infrared long persistent luminescence of Er3+ in garnet for the third bio-imaging window
  Xu, Jian, Murata, Daisuke, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2016-12-21)
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(47): 11096-11103
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Persistent luminescence properties of Cr³⁺-Sm³⁺ activated LaAlO₃ perovskite
  Katayama, Yumiko, Kobayashi, Hiroaki, Ueda, Jumpei, Viana, Bruno, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2016-05-01)
  Optical Materials Express, 6(5): 1500-1505
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Investigation of Luminescence and Photoacoustic Properties in Ce3+-DopedLn3Al5O12(Ln= Lu, Y, Gd) Garnet
  Ueda, Jumpei, Yagi, Masakazu, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2016)
  ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 5(12): R219-R222
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Novel persistent phosphors of lanthanide-chromium co-doped yttrium aluminum gallium garnet: Design concept with vacuum referred binding energy diagram
  Xu, Jian, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa (2016-05-28)
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4(20): 4380-4386
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