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Visible-light photoexcitation of pyridine surface complex, leading to selective dehydrogenative cross-coupling with cyclohexane
  Naniwa, Shimpei, Tyagi, Akanksha, Yamamoto, Akira, Yoshida, Hisao (2018-12-07)
  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20(45): 28375-28381
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Photocatalytic Ullmann coupling of aryl halides by a novel blended catalyst consisting of a TiO2 photocatalyst and an Al2O3 supported Pd-Au bimetallic catalyst
  Tyagi, Akanksha, Yamamoto, Akira, Yoshida, Hisao (2018-12-07)
  Catalysis Science and Technology, 8(23): 6196-6203
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Novel blended catalysts consisting of TiO₂ photocatalyst and Al₂O₃ supported Pd-Au bimetallic catalyst for direct dehydrogenative cross-coupling between arenes and tetrahydrofuran
  Tyagi, Akanksha, Yamamoto, Akira, Yoshida, Hisao (2018-07-02)
  RSC Advances, 8(42): 24021-24028
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