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CASPT2 study of inverse sandwich-type dinuclear 3d transition metal complexes of ethylene and dinitrogen molecules: similarities and differences in geometry, electronic structure, and spin multiplicity
  Nakagaki, Masayuki, Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2015-05-19)
  Physical chemistry chemical physics, 17(25): 16294-16305
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Catalytic transfer hydrogenation by a trivalent phosphorus compound: phosphorus-ligand cooperation pathway or P(III) /P(V) redox pathway?
  Zeng, Guixiang, Maeda, Satoshi, Taketsugu, Tetsuya, Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2014-04-25)
  Angewandte Chemie, 53(18): 4633-4637
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Interest in new heterodinuclear transition-metal/main-group-metal complexes: DFT study of electronic structure and mechanism of fluoride sensing function
  Guan, Wei, Yamabe, Shinichi, Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2013-06-28)
  Dalton transactions, 42(24): 8717-8728
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Binding energy of gas molecule with two pyrazine molecules as organic linker in metal–organic framework: its theoretical evaluation and understanding of determining factors
  Deshmukh, Milind M., Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2011-10)
  Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 130(2-3): 475-482
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Presence or absence of a novel charge-transfer complex in the base-catalyzed hydrolysis of N-ethylbenzamide or ethyl benzoate
  Yamabe, Shinichi, Guan, Wei, Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2013-01)
  Beilstein journal of organic chemistry, 9: 185-196
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An aniline dication-like transition state in the Bamberger rearrangement
  Yamabe, Shinichi, Zeng, Guixiang, Guan, Wei, Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2013-06)
  Beilstein journal of organic chemistry, 9: 1073-1082
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Theoretical study on high-spin to low-spin transition of {Fe(pyrazine)[Pt(CN)4]}: Guest-induced entropy decrease
  Ando, Hideo, Nakao, Yoshihide, Sato, Hirofumi, Ohba, Masaaki, Kitagawa, Susumu, Sakaki, Shigeyoshi (2011-08)
  Chemical Physics Letters, 511(4-6): 399-404
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