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Nanoporous surface fabricated on metal sheets by alloying/dealloying technique
  Hakamada, Masataka, Chino, Yasumasa, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2010-11-15)
  Materials Letters, 64(21): 2341-2343
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Large-strain-induced magnetic properties of Co electrodeposited on nanoporous Au
  Hakamada, Masataka, Hirashima, Fumi, Takahashi, Masaki, Nakazawa, Takumi, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2011-04)
  Journal of Applied Physics, 109(8)
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Electrochemical stability of self-assembled monolayers on nanoporous Au
  Hakamada, Masataka, Takahashi, Masaki, Furukawa, Toshiyuki, Tajima, Kazuki, Yoshimura, Kazuki, Chino, Yasumasa, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2011-07-14)
  Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 13(26): 12277-12284
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Synthesis of carbon nanotube/Ni nanocomposite film by electrophoresis and electroless deposition without Pd pretreatment
  Hakamada, Masataka, Moriguchi, Akitoshi, Matsumura, Satoshi, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2013-03)
  Thin Solid Films, 531: 99-102
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Fabrication of carbon nanotube/NiOx(OH)y nanocomposite by pulsed electrodeposition for supercapacitor applications
  Hakamada, Masataka, Moriguchi, Akitoshi, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2014-01)
  Journal of Power Sources, 245: 324-330
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Enzyme electrodes stabilized by monolayer-modified nanoporous Au for biofuel cells
  Hakamada, Masataka, Takahashi, Masaki, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2012-3)
  Gold Bulletin, 45(1): 9-15
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Nanoporous Nickel Fabricated by Dealloying of Rolled Ni-Mn Sheet
  Hakamada, Masataka, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2014)
  Procedia Engineering, 81: 2159-2164
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Electronic origin of antimicrobial activity owing to surface effect
  Miyazawa, Naoki, Sakakibara, Susumu, Mabuchi, Mamoru, Hakamada, Masataka (2019-01-31)
  Scientific Reports, 9
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Mechanical characterization of nanoporous Au modified with self-assembled monolayers
  Miyazawa, Naoki, Ishimoto, Junya, Hakamada, Masataka, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2012-12-26)
  Applied Physics Letters, 109(26)
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Antibacterial activity of nanoporous gold against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus epidermidis
  Hakamada, Masataka, Taniguchi, Seiji, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2017-05-15)
  Journal of Materials Research, 32(9): 1787-1795
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