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  遠藤, 竜太, 大橋, 由暉, 藤井, 巧哉, 石井, 裕剛, 下田, 宏 (2016-09)
  ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2016: 347-354
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Radical chain reactions in pyrolytic cleavage of the ether linkages of lignin model dimers and a trimer
  Watanabe, Toshihiro, Kawamoto, Haruo, Saka, Shiro (2009-07-01)
  Holzforschung, 63(4): 424-430
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Influence of neutral inorganic chlorides on primary and secondary char formation from cellulose
  Kawamoto, Haruo, Yamamoto, Daisuke, Saka, Shiro (2008-6)
  Journal of Wood Science, 54(3): 242-246
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Nano-anchor effect by anodic oxidation of aluminum sheets in joining by electrodeposition
  Hakamada, Masataka, Miyazawa, Naoki, Kohashi, Yohei, Yamano, Yuriko, Mabuchi, Mamoru (2018)
  Procedia Manufacturing, 15: 1416-1421
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  大橋, 由暉, 遠藤, 竜太, 藤井, 巧哉, 石井, 裕剛, 下田, 宏 (2016-09)
  ヒューマンインタフェースシンポジウム2016論文集: 783-790
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  藤野, 秀則, 下田, 宏 石井, 裕剛, 北村, 尊義 (2015-11)
  公益社団法人計測自動制御学会システム・情報部門学術講演会講演論文集 SSI 2015: 226-231
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