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Convenient synthesis of spiroindole derivatives via palladium-catalyzed cyclization of propargyl chlorides
  Iwata, Akira, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Fujii, Nobutaka, Ohno, Hiroaki (2015-09)
  Tetrahedron, 71(37): 6580-6585
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The Synthesis of Alkaloids Using Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Intramolecular Amination Reactions
  Ohno, Hiroaki, Chiba, Hiroaki, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Fujii, Nobutaka (2014-01-13)
  Synlett, 25(02): 179-192
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Pachastrissamine (jaspine B) and its stereoisomers inhibit sphingosine kinases and atypical protein kinase C
  Yoshimitsu, Yuji, Oishi, Shinya, Miyagaki, Jun, Inuki, Shinsuke, Ohno, Hiroaki, Fujii, Nobutaka (2011-09-15)
  Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 19(18): 5402-5408
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Scaffold hopping of fused piperidine-type NK3 receptor antagonists to reduce environmental impact
  Yamamoto, Koki, Inuki, Shinsuke, Ohno, Hiroaki, Oishi, Shinya (2019-05-15)
  Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 27(10): 2019-2026
Gold(I)-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization Reactions of Allenynes for the Synthesis of Fused Cyclopropanes and Acenaphthenes
  Ikeuchi, Takaya, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Ohno, Hiroaki (2019-6-3)
  Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 58(23): 7792-7796
Gold(I)-Catalyzed Oxidative Cascade Cyclization of 1,4-Diyn-3-ones for the Construction of Tropone-Fused Furan Scaffolds
  Hamada, Naoka, Yamaguchi, Ayuta, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Ohno, Hiroaki (2018-08-03)
  Organic Letters, 20(15): 4401-4405
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Construction of the Pyrrolo[2,3- d]carbazole Core of Spiroindoline Alkaloids by Gold-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization of Ynamide
  Matsuoka, Junpei, Kumagai, Hiroshi, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Ohno, Hiroaki (2019-07-19)
  Journal of Organic Chemistry, 84(14): 9358-9363
Construction of Quaternary Carbon Stereocenter of α-Tertiary Amine through Remote C-H Functionalization of Tris Derivatives: Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Myriocin
  Miyagawa, Takashi, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Ohno, Hiroaki (2019-07-09)
  Organic Letters, 21(14): 5485-5490