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Synthesis and biological activities of the amide derivative of aplog-1, a simplified analog of aplysiatoxin with anti-proliferative and cytotoxic activities
  Hanaki, Yusuke, Yanagita, Ryo C, Sugahara, Takahiro, Aida, Misako, Tokuda, Harukuni, Suzuki, Nobutaka, Irie, Kazuhiro (2015)
  Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 79(6): 888-895
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Synthesis and biological activities of simplified analogs of the natural PKC ligands, bryostatin-1 and aplysiatoxin
  Irie, Kazuhiro, Yanagita, Ryo C (2014-04)
  The Chemical Record, 14(2): 251-267
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Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the 12,12-Dimethyl Derivative of Aplog-1, an Anti-Proliferative Analog of Tumor-Promoting Aplysiatoxin
  NAKAGAWA, Yu, KIKUMORI, Masayuki, YANAGITA, Ryo C., MURAKAMI, Akira, TOKUDA, Harukuni, NAGAI, Hiroshi, IRIE, Kazuhiro (2011-06)
  Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, 75(6): 1167-1173
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Synthesis and structure–activity studies of simplified analogues of aplysiatoxin with antiproliferative activity like bryostatin-1
  Irie, Kazuhiro, Kikumori, Masayuki, Kamachi, Hiroaki, Tanaka, Keisuke, Murakami, Akira, Yanagita, Ryo C., Tokuda, Harukuni, Suzuki, Nobutaka, Nagai, Hiroshi, Suenaga, Kiyotake, Nakagawa, Yu (2012)
  Pure and Applied Chemistry, 84(6): 1341-1351
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Loss of the Phenolic Hydroxyl Group and Aromaticity from the Side Chain of Anti-Proliferative 10-Methyl-aplog-1, a Simplified Analog of Aplysiatoxin, Enhances Its Tumor-Promoting and Proinflammatory Activities
  Hanaki, Yusuke, Kikumori, Masayuki, Tokuda, Harukuni, Okamura, Mutsumi, Dan, Shingo, Adachi, Naoko, Saito, Naoaki, Yanagita, Ryo C., Irie, Kazuhiro (2017-4-13)
  Molecules, 22(4)
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